Working at Pentos

Working at Pentos offers many rewards. As a rule, your salary will consist of a fixed and a variable component. We also offer attractive benefits:

Company Culture

Do you prefer to talk to your employer face to face rather than writing e-mails? Do you want to get involved and to feel certain that your concerns will be heard? At Pentos the open-door policy is not just a theoretical concept – it’s a reality. You will always find a sympathetic ear. This is what we mean by treating our staff with respect.

By means of teamwork we achieve results that would otherwise not be possible. Enrich our team with your special expertise, your initiative and your personality, and add new skills to the mix. Discover how much fun it can be working with us.

Many of our customers’ business interests extend worldwide. Consequently, cultural diversity plays an important role in working with colleagues who come from over 15 different countries and in our day-to-day dealings with international partners. You will derive personal benefit from the exciting challenges and the varied cultural and business situations you experience. In other words, the best possible conditions for your future career development.

At Pentos you will engage in various forms of communication, including face-to-face conversations with your colleagues, project managers and people manager, as well as internal chat applications, blogs and social media platforms. Knowledge sharing and teamwork is our top priority – free from any hierarchical constraints.

Training & Development

Your personal development is important to us. That is why we work with you to define your goals and further your personal development, thereby ensuring that you are ideally equipped for any challenge and able to support our customers with the best solutions. Successful training is a win-win situation – for you and for us.

Your individual training and education, including the acquisition of qualifications, matters to us. That’s why Pentos encourages you to fulfill your development potential. In an annual meeting with your individual people manager, you will define your goals and work out the next steps in your development. In this way, you achieve personal orientation. Experienced colleagues, your people manager or instructors brought in from outside the company will ensure that your soft and hard skills are always up to date. You may take up to ten days per year on full salary for external courses of training.

To further your ongoing development, we will hold an appraisal meeting with you at the end of each year to redefine your targets for the next twelve months on the basis of the strengths we have identified.

Career Path

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With a company pension program, we make an additional contribution to your retirement provision. In addition, we offer remuneration optimization within the framework of current legislation for example through salary conversion, direct insurance, capital-forming benefits or other benefits.

We can assist you in harmonizing the requirements of the world of work with family life. Our flexible management style coupled with your personal sense of responsibility makes this possible. In this way, we can work effectively together on projects, irrespective of time and location.

After your maternity or paternity leave, we play our part by easing you back into professional life and helping you to do justice both to your job and to the needs of your children. We also support you if you wish to continue your education or write your dissertation.

The concept of family is very important to us. So that you know your children are in safe hands during working hours, we will contribute a fixed amount per child until he or she reaches school age.

Summer or winter, the year abounds in occasions for celebration. Bring your family along to our events! In this way, your loved ones will learn more about your professional environment.